Recommendable Events

Wernigerode holds a rich choice of cultural events and places in store for you.
Be it the Town Hall Festivities, the Wine Days of Neustadt, the Castle Festival or the Old Town Fair, there is always time for sociability and communication as well as for artistic enjoyment.

Expositions and concerts happen all year round. The Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra of Wernigerode and the Radio Youth Choir of the regional Music High School are based in Wernigerode. Every two years, Wernigerode hosts the international Johannes Brahms Choir Contest.

Sports events, such as the Harz Mountain Run, are an integral part of the cultural calendar.
Recommendable events in Wernigerode in any season:
Guided tours "1000 Steps Around the Town Hall"
- daily at 10.30 a.m. and additionally on Saturdays at 2 p.m., starting from the Tourist Information, Marktplatz 10

About town on a "night flight" with the "Town Owl"

Meeting place: The Fountain at the Nicolaiplatz

The guided tour can also be booked in advance in the Tourist Information, Marktplatz 10.

HILLEBORCH guides you through and around the town hall
from the cellar to the attic - not an ordinary visit, not without surprises
Meeting place: Ratskeller (town hall restaurant), in the council room for a reception drink, duration: about 1 ½ hours

Tickets for the town hall tour can be obtained at the Tourist Information, Marktplatz 10.
For dates and hours please see the special page and the Events Overview.

On a walk with the night watchman
For dates please see the Events Overview and go to