Industrial locations

Industrial Park "Nord-West"

60 hectares, about 1,000 jobs (plots available)
Employers who want to set up a new business can find an ideal business neighbourhood in our industrial park "Nord-West" with a direct link to the federal road B 6. Among the renowned resident enterprises are the brewer Hasseröder, chocolate producer Wergona Schokoladen GmbH and automobile supplier KSM Castings GmbH. Our economy promotion does not only cover real estate, but also a packet of support and co-ordination. After having bought a plot, businesses will not incur any further development costs.
The Industrial Park "Nord-West" still has plots available (hatched areas).

New! Industrial and Business Zone "Schmatzfelder Chaussee"

Preparations are under way for development of additional plots for industry and business. In parallel with the necessary consolidation procedure, land-use plan no. 05 "Gewerbe- und Industriegebiet Schmatzfelder Chaussee" is in preparation. From about 2010 on, these plots will be available for business settlement.
Industrial Zone "Gießerweg"
30 hectares, about 2,100 jobs (all plots occupied)

During to the adaptation and restructuring processes after the Political Reunification, the resident businesses developed a reutilization, development and financing strategy for the zone, together with the Municipality and the local utility companies, in order to prevent the site from developing into an industrial wasteland.
They succeeded in shaping a modern and attractive business location which today has jobs for more than 2,000 people.

Industrial Zone "Dornbergsweg"
30 hectares, about 1,400 jobs (all plots occupied)
The plots in the Industrial Zone Dornbergsweg have been marketed by the Municipality of Wernigerode and by private investors. The Municipality has repaired and extended the public road "Dornbergsweg" in the 90's and has developed the individual plots.

Industrial Zone "Stadtfeld"
15 hectares, about 750 jobs (all plots occupied)
In 1991, this was one of the first Industrial Zones to be developed in Saxony-Anhalt. The zone has a direct junction to the federal road B 6n. This new road provides a powerful infrastructural link for the resident businesses. This area being fully occupied, the Municipality is in the process of procuring additional plots and subsequently developing and marketing them.

Industrial Zone "Am Kupferhammer"
10 hectares, about 320 jobs (all plots occupied)
This is the seat of our high-performance utility provider Stadtwerke Wernigerode GmbH. In its direct neighbourhood, you'll find the automobile supplier Metallveredlung Wernigerode GmbH, as well as S&H electronic Leiterplatten GmbH, biggest PCB producer of Saxony-Anhalt, and a formation centre for the German construction trade.