Wernigerode Modern Centre of Business

WERNIGERODE -a modern centre of business, a town for rambling, shopping and living in, a place of tourism, a town of culture, education and conferences.

The town of Wernigerode with its suburbs Minsleben, Benzingerode und Silstedt constitutes an important economic, cultural and touristic centre of the Harz county. Alongside the large conurbations of Halle und Magdeburg, Wernigerode is one of the economically most developed locations in Saxony-Anhalt. At the same time, the region is one of the most popular holiday and recreation areas of northern Germany.

The economic structure of Wernigerode Municipality is characterized by medium-sized industry, trade, crafts and tourism. Main sectors are mechanical engineering, metalworking, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, stationery production, food and beverages and the crafts. Other important industries are tourism, education, retail and services. Wernigerode has several industrial zones.

The newly developed Industrial Park North West with a surface area of 79,2 hectares still has plots available for new businesses. The town's good road and rail links make favourable conditions for new businesses. Owing to its beautiful landscape, Wernigerode is also a charming place to live.

At present, the town has nearly 17,000 existing dwelling units. Apart from existing attractive quarters with large-volume villas and three residential quarters with blocks of rented flats, there is room for new construction of detached houses and apartment houses of owned flats in the short and medium term.

Wernigerode provides excellent medical care for its inhabitants with the hospital Harzklinikum Wernigerode-Blankenburg GmbH and nearly 80 practitioners and consulting physicians. Schooling and education covers the whole bandwidth from Primary School and Secondary School, High School and vocational schools up to the college "Hochschule Harz". Private education institutes and music schools complement the choice.

The historical Old Town offers numerous retail stores and boutiques. All in all, the historical Old Town of Wernigerode, together with its shopping gallery "Forum Bunte Stadt", and the new Culture and Conference Centre, has shaped up to become a modern, attractive place for shopping. A large number of restaurants, cafés and pubs invite the guest to stay.

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Making of contact with private providers of real estate, office space, storage and production plots

Clarification of legal prerequisites in advance of space provisioning

Ongoing support of interested businesses - from the initial contact and the permission procedure up to business opening

Support with site movements within the town, alteration and extension projects

Representation of the interests of our businesses within the administration, i.e. in the land-use planning procedure

Ongoing support of resident businesses

Co-ordination of projects between downtown retailers and the administration

Consultancy on public subsidies and making of contact with the Investment Bank of Saxony-Anhalt

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